ZL1 Addons Premium Tow Hook D-Ring Setup Only

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Our Premium tow hook is a forged steel D-ring with a clad steel heim joint, these attached with a stainless steel bolt. This product is available in a Red and Black powder coating or unpainted so you can have it colored to match.

Perfect if you want to swap colored D-rings or if you have our license plate holder and would like to have the option of making it a tow hook when needed. 

In The Package: 

  • This product is the D-ring, heim joint with locking nut and stainless steel bolt only. 

Build Quality:

  • Premium: Custom forged and powder coated D-ring with clad steel heim-joint with stainless hardware.

Additional Notes:

  • Our D-ring will not rub or hit the grill/bumper as long as the hardware is tight. The D-ring can be removed for cleaning if desired.
  • Meets SCSA 2 inch requirement!