Lift Pads & Jack Pads

Protect your pinch welds! Our bolt-on Lift Pads or removable Jack Pads are designed for your vehicle, Give yourself easy access to lifting your car properly and or never let the dealer lift your car improperly again.


From custom Wicker Bill HardwareWheel Spacers, or License Plate Holders our Accessories section is filled with products that meet our design, function and safety standards

Tow Hooks

Titanium, Billet Aluminium, Chromoly Steel are just a few of the materials we use to craft our unique and functional Tow HooksNow with FOUR unique designs: Premium, Feather Lite, GT4 & Titanium 


Our team is constantly working to bring new products to market that meet our quality standards. See the latest products below. 

ZL1 Addons Feature Builds


The hansologt350r was just a 350, but an upgrade took place and his ride is now even sweeter. Follow his journey and upgrades on his amazing Ford GT350R


The new redesigned Charger from Dodge is an amazing machine and Destroyer has brought his build a long way to set it apart from the other sweet rides on the road.


The Lethal_Camaro is running a slew of our products on his build. From his custom front Splitter and fender extensions to our 3mm wheel spacers, we have helped dial in his ride.

~ZL1 Addons~

ZL1 Addons started as a solution to a problem - The problem of crushing rocker panels and pinch-welds with traditional jack use. In order to combat this with our custom-built ZL1 and Z28 Camaros, we built the prototype of what eventually became our magnetic Jack Pad. Soon, friends began asking for them, and we got into the production game. We now offer over 180 products and ship across the globe.



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