Rock Guards: Protect Your Vehicle

Our Standard and Deluxe Rock Guards shield your vehicle from road debris

Choose Your Tow Hook Style

Discover six distinct designs: Premium, Premium Stealth, Feather Lite, Feather Lite Stealth, GT4 and Titanium. The choice is yours!

Wicker Bill Collections

Explore our industry-leading materials with Standard, Dark Tint, Polished and Carbon Fiber models.

Custom Diffusers

Our Poway, CA-designed Diffusers are crafted from locally sourced materials, creating 100% homegrown products that combine form and function seamlessly

USA-Made Camber Plates!

Unlock precision & performance! Switch seamlessly from street to track with our 100% US made Camber Plates.

Jack Pads & Lift Pads

Elevate your vehicle confidently with our cutting-edge Jack MagPads and our 100% USA-made Stealth Lift Pads. Protect your pinch welds with precision

Splitter Rods: Elevate Your Build

From Anodized to Cerakote coatings, discover flexibility and style with our Splitter Rods, designed to fit any build from 6" to 14".

Wheel Spacers: Optimize Your Stance

Our Wheel Spacers allow you to secure a bolder stance and unveil the true potential of your ride!

Strap Points: Effortless Towing

Strap quickly, avoid hassle! Our Custom Strap Points offer a safer, easier alternative for vehicle towing. No more reliance on control arms, braces, or wheels!

How it Started

ZL1 Addons was born out of a passion for solving a common problem—damaging rocker panels and pinch-welds with conventional jack use. Initially, our journey began with creating a prototype— the magnetic Jack MagPad, tailored to protect our ZL1 and Z/28 Camaros. The effectiveness of our solution quickly captivated the interest of friends, propelling us into the production realm. Today, we proudly offer a diverse range of over 400+ innovative products, shipping globally and continuing our commitment to automotive excellence and customer satisfaction.