Camber Plates

Introducing the ZL1 Addons 100% USA Made Camber Plates. Seamlessly transition from street to track in minutes post-installation. Unlock up to -3 degrees of camber with a swift shock tower adjustment.

Unlike some market alternatives, our setup guarantees absolute stability, eliminating any unwanted movement, your track setting is 100% locked in. Elevate your vehicles performance when going from Street to Track with our precision camber plates.

Why Adjust Camber for Track?

  • Applying negative camber to a car's wheels can enhance its acceleration and maximum speed. This happens because the front wheels aren't powered, so using negative camber decreases the area of tire contact when driving in a straight line. This reduction in contact area minimizes rolling resistance, enabling the car to accelerate more effectively and achieve a greater top speed. However, it's important to note that negative camber can compromise braking efficiency by reducing the portion of the tire in contact with the road during braking. Additionally, negative camber tends to shorten tire lifespan.

Available Products:

- 2016-2024 Camaro Billet Camber Plates - Available Now!

- 2010-2015 Camaro Billet Camber Plates - Available Now!