Challenger 15-20 Standard Deluxe Diffuser

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This is our new Standard Deluxe diffuser for the 15-20 Challenger that will fit across all models. Designed with an aluminum belly pan to smooth and diffuse air coming out from under the car and attached to HDPE material with an automotive finish. This product is made to work using the 5 to 10 deg angle of slope from our added rear belly pan to diffuse the air properly. Comes with all mounting hardware.

Compared to our standard Challenger diffuser, this product is 1.75" taller in a fin to fin comparison. The biggest difference is the design is like the Deluxe, but minus the additional panel for added down force.

Warning: This product will touch the ground on steep slopes and driveways on a stock height Challenger, this product is meant to be functional and close to the ground. If you have lowering springs and or airbags, be warned this product hangs low and will scrape when taking on sharp angled instances. 

Please verify if you have threaded or unthreaded rear differential cross member. This will determine the hardware required for mounting. You MUST verify ahead of ordering. (See install video below on where to look)

If your rear end is unthreaded you will need a Rivnut Tool to install the hardware nuts that the bolts will screw into.

Product Fitment:

  • Challenger 2015-2020 All Models 

Product Finish: 

  • Standard Aluminum - This product will have an HDPE main diffuser and fins with a raw aluminum* attachment plate.
  • Black Powder Coat Aluminum - This product will have an HDPE main diffuser and fins with a black powder coated aluminum attachment plate.

Shipping: This product has a 7-10 business day shipping lead time for the standard product and 14-21 business day lead time if powder coated.

*Note: The aluminum that attaches the diffuser to the car is NOT a fine fished piece, it will have fine marks and scratches obtained during manufacturing. This part of the diffuser is not view-able when the car is sitting on the ground. 



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