Camaro 16-24 Premium 3" Jack MagPad™

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Our 3" Jack MagPad™ fits all Gen 6th Gen Camaros and many other cars with a 3 inch pinch weld opening. WORKS GREAT WITH A LIFT!! 

Each Jack MagPad™ for the 6th Gen Camaro comes with a MagPuck.

The premium magnetic jack pads are made to be used with a floor jack with a flat top and lift the car up by the pinch weld. If you have a older style or cupped floor jack we do make a adapter for that type jack, call for details. The pads will hold in place while positioning the floor jack or lift by the rare earth magnets. We installed a nylon bottom insert embedded with the two magnets for high hold strength. The Jack MagPad™ also has a red "remove before flight" streamer to warn of not leaving the pad on while driving. The Jack MagPad™ will work on most all cars with a 3 inch pinch weld opening.

Looking for a smaller Jack MagPad? Checkout our 2" Universal design here

What is a Jack Pad vs a Lift Pad?

We offer two product designs for your vehicle: Jack Pads and Lift PadsJack Pads are easily slid into place when you need a temporary lift point while working on your vehicle. On the other hand, our Lift Pads provide a permanent solution, as they are installed once and will always be ready to lift your vehicle when required. See both option for your vehicle here.

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