Miata MX-5 16-24 Stealth Lift Pads

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The original bolt-on lift points made in the USA for the 2016-2024 Miata MX-5. Machined from American billet aluminum and designed to be left on the car. The stealth design also incorporates weight savings and a custom design.  These are angled so as not to bend the pinch weld as the car is lifted by a floor jack or lift.  

These are great for customers who change wheels at the track or who love to keep their cars in tip-top shape. They are easy to install and are held on with 2 stainless steel set screws. 

What is a Jack Pad vs a Lift Pad?

We offer two product designs for your vehicle: Jack Pads and Lift PadsJack Pads are easily slid into place when you need a temporary lift point while working on your vehicle. On the other hand, our Lift Pads provide a permanent solution, as they are installed once and will always be ready to lift your vehicle when required. 

Product Fitment:

  • 2016-2024 Miata MX-5 (All models)

Product Finish:

  • The manufacturing process may leave small swirl marks or scuffs which will be under the anodizing for Candy Red & Black offerings.

    In The Box:

    • Four lift pads with all hardware
    • 1 Allen tool for install

    Product Origin:

    • This product was designed and manufactured from US-sourced 6061 billet aluminum and machined and anodized here in Poway, California. USA.

      Install Notes: 

      • Product installs on your factory pinch welds. Please reference your vehicles manual that will highlight where a jack should be used to lift the vehicle. Our product should be installed at those locations.