Miata MX-5 16-24 Lift Pads

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Our custom bolt-on Lift Pads are designed to mount to your vehicle's pinch welds. These come in a set of 4 lift pads, are made of billet aluminum and are offered in a red or black anodized finish. 

They are angled to rock on the top of a floor jack and not bend the pinch weld. They are also angled so as not to catch on any road surface. They are great for use if you jack or lift your car a lot. The product ships with everything needed for installation.

What is a Jack Pad vs a Lift Pad?

We offer two product designs for your vehicle: Jack Pads and Lift PadsJack Pads are easily slid into place when you need a temporary lift point while working on your vehicle. On the other hand, our Lift Pads provide a permanent solution, as they are installed once and will always be ready to lift your vehicle when required. 

Product Fitment:

  • 2016-2024 Miata MX-5 (All models)

Install Notes: 

  • Product installs on your factory pinch welds. Please reference your vehicle's manual, which will highlight where a jack should be used to lift the vehicle. Our product should be installed at those locations.