Wheel Spacers

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Our billet aluminum wheel spacers are specifically designed to remain hub centric. These allow you to move your wheels off your inner liner, push your wheels out to the edge or allow you to fit a slightly bigger tire under your wheel well all while allowing enough threads to keep your wheel on the hub.

The product ships as a set of 2 pieces and can be considered hub centric or lug centric pending your vehicle.

Product Fits:
1997-2021 Corvette - All Models
2010-2021 Camaro - All Models
2005-2020 Mustang - All Models
2005-2020 Charger - All Models
2009-2020 Challenger - All Models
2005-2009 Magnum - All Models
2007-2014 Nitro - All Models
2007-2014 Caliber - All Models