ZL1 Addons Splitter Guards

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The ZL1 Addons Splitter Guards are made with black chrome carbon steel guards paired with 1/2" stainless steel screws. The guards are manufactured with a 45deg bevel as to not catch on objects and also glide over the road surface and not scrape the splitter. 

In the package is 7 Carbon Steel Guards with 7 stainless steel screws.

Product Fits:

  • All vehicle models with a solid non flexible splitter or low front bumper.

Product Options:

  • Aftermarket Bumper/Splitter - This product is designed for aftermarket splitters and bumpers that are solid and NOT flexible.
  • ZL1 Addons Splitter or Splitter Extension - This product is designed to fit our custom Splitters and Splitter extensions.

Installation Note:
This product requires you to drill into your splitter and or bumper, this allows the splitter guards to take the hit/scrape and not your splitter or car. You will need to identify the best position for install for your unique model vehicle and or aftermarket splitter. 

Best placement is about 3/4" to 1" away from the leading edge as seen in the attached images. You do not have to install all 7 guards, use your best judgement to use what is required for your specific application.