ZL1 Addons Custom 10-32 Rivnut Install Tool

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Our in house custom made 10-32 rivnut install tool is designed to lower the cost of entry for the tools required to install our Wicker Bills and Splitters. This setup is hand made and designed to be used with a 5/16" wrench. The process is more manual vs. our other tools offered, but the savings are substantial. 

How it Works: 

  • You will mark and drill out your rivnut install locations and thread a 10/32 rivnut until it is flush with the metal handle. Slide the rivnut into the pre-drilled hole and hold the tool steady. Now use a 5/16" wrench to tighten the coupling nut which will in turn pull the rivnut tight (you will need to apply pressure on the rivnut to keep it from spinning). Do NOT overtighten the rivnut, you want to pull it until it is tight into position, that is all that is required.  


  • This product is built by our team here in Poway, CA. We will work to keep sufficient inventory, but we may take a day or two to ship if inventory is low. 


Product Use Video:

  • Please note, we're showing a rivnut being installed on a piece of lexan in this video, the rivnut will be installed into your spoiler, but the video is only to show how the tool works. Video is also showing the 1/4-20 tool, which works 100% the same way.