Wicker Bill 10/32 Billet Upgraded Hardware

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Our NEW wicker bill billet upgraded hardware is now available. Built in the USA from billet aluminum paired with a stainless steel 10/32 bolt. This is a full set based on the wicker bill you own, please select the hardware pack for the wicker bill you own in the drop down menu.

In The Package:

  • 10/32 Stainless Steel bolts with billet aluminum button washers

Color Options:

We will offer the following colors via a anodized finish. Please note that an anodized finish can and will change colors over time when exposed to heavy UV rays. 

  • Black and Natural 

Note: The Stainless Steel bolt will be a Natural finish, on the billet aluminum button will be anodized or natrual. 

Additional Notes: 

  • This product will not work on any wicker bill using our 1/4 20 hardware
  • Adding this product to any wicker bill order will replace the standard hardware pack.