Tesla 20-22 Model Y Lift Pads

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Our custom composite 20-22 Tesla Model Y bolt on lift pads are designed to sit and remain installed in the factory lift locations and allow you to safely lift your vehicle from all 4 corners with a floor jack or lift. These are sold as a set of 4.

What is a Jack Pad vs a Lift Pad?

We offer two product designs for your vehicle: Jack Pads and Lift PadsJack Pads are easily slid into place when you need a temporary lift point while working on your vehicle. On the other hand, our Lift Pads provide a permanent solution, as they are installed once and will always be ready to lift your vehicle when required. See both option for your vehicle here.

Vehicle Fitment:

  • 2020-2022 Tesla Model Y

Product Use:

This product is not designed to work with a jack stand, this product should only be used to lift your vehicle with a lift or floor jack.