Premium GT4 Splitter Rods (Cerakote)

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Our custom Premium GT4 Splitter Rods with a UV Resistant Cerakote finish are now available. Crafted from US mined and milled billet aluminum for the main rod, with billet aluminum stand-offs. We also include our custom splitter washers for the lower stand-offs to protect the bolt ends from road wear.

Why Cerakote? 

We're now offering Cerakote as an option to combat the issues Anodizing has in long term UV exposure. The Cerakote blend being used has a high UV resistance and a smooth gloss finish. Like all painted parts it's prone to chip if large enough objects hit them.

This product is proudly crafted in the USA in our Poway, CA shop here in Southern California with 100% US sourced materials.  


  • We have unique 8", 10", and 12"  standard rod length that can each extend an additional 1.25"
  • Size is measured from center-to-center on the splitter rods joints. (See posted image)

Color Options:

  • We currently offer black in the Cerakote finish for the splitter rods
  • Only the rods and rod ends are Cerakote colored

Install Notes:

  • You do not need to remove the bumper to install this product on the Dodge Charger or Challenger
  • See assembly outline at the end of the image carousel 


  • Black Cerakote rods are built in batches and can take 7-14 business days to prep and ship. Batching machine time takes longer than we would like, but we're currently unable to improve upon this timeline. 

Product Notes:

  • Cerakoting has a superior finish quality and UV resistance to reduce and or eliminate color fading. Chemicals can and will change how the finish holds up over time. In our testing, washing with light soapy water and being in the sun for 1 year straight and counting, resulted in no color change. Avoid acid based and harsh chemicals when cleaning this product.