Challenger 15-23 Deluxe Rock Guards

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Our 15-23 Challenger Deluxe rock guard offering is built to use the OEM mounting locations, ZL1 Addons custom clips and 3M VHT for additional support. 

Product Fits:
  • 2015-2020 Challengers (All standard body vehicles)
  • 2021+ Some Challenger Models now have 2 square front holes instead of one. With the use of the 3M tape only one hole is required to be filled. 
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Product Finish: 
  • Deluxe: This option features a diamond polished and rounded edge built with a thicker plastic compared to our standard options. It includes a textured automotive finish on outboard flat surface. Suitable for temperatures down too 20 degrees.

In The Package:

  • Our rock guards are sold in pairs (left & right side) for the front and or rear or in a combo pack that covers all 4 corners.

Installation Note:

  • The OEM rivets are easy to remove by pushing center pin out and re-using them.
  • Some 2021 models may have 2 square peg holes for the front rock guard install. With the use of the 3M tape, only one peg hole is required for install.

Maintenance Notes: 

  • Do not take your vehicle through an automatic car wash with this product installed unless it is a touchless car wash.
  • Our Deluxe Rock Guards are suitable for temperatures above 20 degrees. Below 20 degrees, they may crack or chip from debris. For colder environments, we recommend our Standard Guards, which are rated for temperatures as low as -20 degrees.