Charger 15-23 Stealth Diffuser

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Our rear Charger Stealth diffuser will fit the 2015 to 2023 SRT/Hellcat/Scat Pack/ Daytona/ 2019+ RT & GT bodies. This product is made of 1/4 and 3/8 HDPE and 14 gauge Aluminum.  This product ships with the main diffuser and 2 rear extensions making it a 3 piece install. Fins on the main center portion will ship disassembled due to size to reduce shipping fees.

This product is functional and will diffuse the air properly from the differential to the rear of the vehicle unlike other brands. Our product is designed to bolt up to the factory valance as an addon.  Depending on your mufflers you may need to trim the aluminum pan to fit.

Product Update: This product will ship hardware that will work with a unthreaded or threaded rear differential cross brace. Please verify if you have threaded or unthreaded rear differential crossmember. If your rear end is unthreaded you will need a Rivnut Tool to install the hardware nuts that the bolts will screw into.

Made in the USA!

Product Fitment:

  • Charger 2015-2023 SRT/Hellcat/Scat Pack. Must have the SRT body.
  • This product will NOT fit the widebody models, standard body SXT models, or 2018 RT/GT's and older vehicles. 

Product Fitment Outline:

Charger SRT Body:

  • 15-23 Charger SRT, Hellcat, Daytona, Scat Pack 
  • 19-23 Charger R/T or GT 

Product Finish: 

  • Standard - This product will have an HDPE main diffuser and fins with a raw aluminum* attachment plate.
  • Black Powder Coat - This product will have an HDPE main diffuser and fins with a black powder coated aluminum attachment plate.


  • This product is built to order and will take 7-10 business days to build and prep for shipment.  Black powder coated panels have a 14-21 business day build lead time.


  • After market mufflers may interfere with this products side extension install. Make sure your muffler is not hanging below the factory rear fascia/valance.
  • The aluminum that attaches the diffuser to the car is NOT a fine fished piece, it will have fine marks and scratches obtained during manufacturing. This part of the diffuser is not view-able when the car is sitting on the ground. 



Diffuser Install:

Rear Extension Install:

  • Remove the outermost Push pin holding the valence to the vehicle.
  • Grab the correct side diffuser piece and put the ¼-20 bolt through the biggest hole, then through one black aluminum spacer then through the hole which you removed the push pin from and install the locking nut on the top side from the inside of the bumper loosely 
  • Align the front flat section of the diffuser piece closest to the tire flat with the bumper (If you have our rock guards installed, align with the outer edge of the rock guard) then self-tap one of the black screws into the pre drilled hole in the diffuser piece closest to the tire and through the bottom of your bumper temporarily keeping it in place.
  • Adjust the diffuser piece rear clearances to your preference with the bumper valence and then you can full tighten the ¼-20 bolt you installed earlier keeping the piece from moving.
  • You can now match drill the rest of the holes through the bumper on the vehicle with a 3/16 drill bit and install the aluminum rivets provided using a rivet gun.
  • Once all of them are installed remove the small black screw in the earlier step and match drill the hole to a 3/16 and install a rivet in that location as well.