Charger 15-23 Feather Lite Stealth Tow Hook

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Our 15-23 Charger Feather Lite Stealth tow hooks combine form and function with a sleek design and single sided access to the fastening bolt.  Built around a stainless steel shaft using an industry leading Cerakote finish, The Feather Lite design removes the heim joint compared to our Premium offering and adds in a nylon insert to hold the shaft in the desirable position. This product is available with a billet aluminum D-ring that is powder coated. Made in the USA!

Vehicle Fitment:

  • 2015-2018 Charger (All Models)
  • 2019-2023 Charger (Please note your specific model year in the checkout notes)

Build Quality:

  • Feather Lite Stealth: US billet aluminum and powder coated D-ring fastened to our Cerakote black finished stainless steel shaft with clad steel hardware. This product is 100% made in the US with US materials. Milled, machined, powder coated and assembled in Poway, CA.

Color Notes:

  • Red Powder Coat w/ imprint of Tow on one side and on the reverse.
  • Black Powder Coat w/ imprint of Tow on one side and on the reverse.
  • Baby Boy Blue Powder Coat w/ no imprint on either side.
  • Burst Orange Powder Coat w/ no imprint on either side.
  • Sky Gray Powder Coat w/ no imprint on either side.
  • Bright Yellow Powder Coat w/ no imprint on either side.
  • Lime Green Powder Coat w/ no imprint on either side.
  • Purple Powder Coat w/ no imprint on either side.


  • This product has a 2-3 business day lead time from time of ordering. In most cases the product will ship sooner.

Install Notes:

  • This product has a nylon insert like a lock nut on the shaft. Threading the product into your vehicles receiver will be tight by design due to this nylon insert. Turn the tow hook until it is threaded in and straight. 
  • Your front fascia can be removed or you can just remove lower radiator grill and drill and mount the receiver from inside the lower cowl and avoid removing the front fascia. We provide instructions for that and the 8 push pins to replace the plastic rivets you will need to remove.
  • Some models will require the grill to be trimmed or washers to be added to space the receiver to clear the grill. 
  • Rear receiver does not require rear fascia removal. Requires mechanical skills to install and drilling 2 3/8 holes and cut one small 1/2" upright plastic grill piece out.

Additional Notes:

  • Our D-ring will not rub or hit the grill/bumper.  The D-ring can be removed for cleaning if desired.
  • Meets SCSA 2 inch requirement!!

Install Video: