Diffuser Threaded/Unthreaded Hardware

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Our Charger & Challenger diffusers utilize our custom threaded and unthreaded hardware to mount to the rear differential. If you incorrectly ordered a set of hardware select the proper set you need below.  

Threaded or Unthreaded?

Threaded - The rear differential brace will have what looks like a threaded nut welded into both open holes just offset from the center of the brace. This is an M8 thread. Our hardware will thread directly into this type of setup.

Unthreaded - The rear differential brace will have a fairly large hole that will look like two piece of metal folded over each other. Do not mistake this for being threaded. The threaded setup will have more than 6-8 threads like a nut.

- The unthreaded setup will require a rivnut tool with a 1/4"-20 adapter to install the provided Jack-nut.