Camaro 10-15 Lift Pads

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Bolt on Lift Points for the 5th Gen Camaro. Made of billet aluminum and be made to be left on the car. These are angled as to not bend the pinch weld as the car is lifted by a floor jack. They will come in anodized red or black in a set of 4.

These are great for customers that change wheels at the track. They are easy to install and are held on with 2 set screws and Allen wrench comes with the set. You can not see the lift points once they are installed unless you bend down and look under the car. The red are used most for a dealer to see when they look under the car.

NOTE!! Convertible 5th gen requires the front cut out in rocker to be enlarged.

Lexus GSF will fit on 5th gen bolt on lift pads.